Why Lisbon is a Perfect Match for Family Holidays?

Family holidays To Lisbon
Family Holidays to Lisbon

Want to take your kids to scenic wonders and historically rich city in Europe? Then Lisbon ticks all the boxes. Its impressive landscapes, monumental structures and museums are wonderful experiences. Its legendary sailors surprised the world with their exploits. This wonderful destination creates an everlasting impression on young ones and little kids. Every attraction is more than an entertaining thing, from the mouth of the Tagus River entering into the Atlantic Ocean to immense Oceanarium; every sight is intriguing and offers a great learning experience. Book Family Holidays to Lisbon and take your kids to the Portuguese heartland anytime. 

Best Attractions to Explore – Holidays to Lisbon


Oceanarium is one of the scenic buildings of Europe. It is the largest aquarium in Europe. Here the sea secrets are captured in immense aquarium tanks. It has four huge tanks and accommodates immense collection of marine species from North Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Coastline, Tropical Indian coral reefs and temperate Pacific. This should be a top priority on Family Holidays to Lisbon, as it offers a great learning experience for young ones. 

Pavilion of Knowledge

Pavilion of Knowledge is the wonderful sight with great educational value. This magnificent sight promotes scientific values among its citizens. The interactive museum engages children with a wide variety of activities. It creates a great impact on young minds in understanding the culture of ever-evolving science and technology. A must visit with kids planning a Family Holidays to Lisbon

Jardim Da Estrela 

Get ready to experience the man-made ambience with a varied plant species. Explore the wonderful Jardim da Estrela, a wonderful park with an extraordinary collection of exotic trees. A large playground and activities provide enough space for families for a pleasant experience. There are plenty of hidden treasures and lovely cafes in this wonderful garden in Lisbon. 

Beaches in Lisbon 

Lisbon city boasts some of the best Atlantic beaches. For a refreshing day in the peaceful natural setting of Oceanic waves, golden sands and glorious sun, book Lisbon Holidays anytime.  Most of the beaches are family-oriented, fly the much revered Blue flag status. Your beach adventure would be a memorable experience with your kids. Some of the top beaches worth exploring on Family Holidays to Lisbon comprise Sao Joao, Costa Da Caparica, Cascais & Estoril (Linha), Tamaris Beach, Estoril, Guincho Beach, Cascais, Praia Da Adraga, Sintra and Raia Do Meco, Sesimbra.

Whether you prefer a long haul or short city break, Lisbon Holidays offers you plenty of opportunities for families and couples, to explore magnificent attractions. The most fascinating aspect is pleasant year round climate; you can comfortably plan a vacation anytime in a year. To know more about exciting offers with Book It Now on flights and hotels dial +44 203 883 2847.


All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya | A Memorable Turkish Riviera

All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya

There is endless fun, sightseeing and plenty to discover on a fascinating Turkish Riviera. Escape completely towards this mesmerizing Turkish coastline. Book All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya with direct flights and look out for affordable deals. Indeed, a great opportunity to melt into the green covered forests or maybe wear the travel boots to hike the majestic mountains. While the tranquil waterfalls enchant, and on the other hand the Mediterranean coast thrills. Visit the amazing Roman and Greek ruins. The history and culture are quite intriguing. Hence, spend a memorable vacation, and delve into the rich culture.

Antalya Turkey Beach | Discover the Beautiful Coastline

Besides, the serene coastline there is plenty of archeological ruins to delve into the rich history. Phaselis is one of the exotic Antalya Turkey Beach. Hire a car and head towards the north of Olympus.  You can watch the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. Discover the ancient city of Greece and Rome. The turquoise bay is a delight for many tourists it is one of the beaches where you can add fun with some serious history.

Choose Book It Now for a Cheap Holidays To Antalya Lara Beach. Lara Beach boasts of restaurants and beach clubs with plenty of lazy vibes for beach bums. Despite its cosmopolitan trait there is enough space to find an isolated spot to unwind and soak up the sunshine. It is indeed a holistic beach where you can have a peaceful time and also enjoy water sports and volleyball.

Antalya Holidays 2019 | Historical Sightseeing

 The Archaeological Museum would provide a great deal of information about the ancient history and culture. There is indeed a great collection of artifacts and mythological figures. The artifacts belong to great civilization such as Byzantium, Rome, Lycia, and there are a figure of Goddess includes Aphrodite, Athena, and Zeus. Antalya Holidays 2019 would certainly be an enriching experience.

Unwind at the Local Hammam on Holidays to Antalya

Rejuvenate in these traditional bathing houses on Holidays to Antalya. A refreshing bath is certainly soothing. Head towards the Demirhan Hamam for a resplendent steam bath and also a relaxing oil massage.  This good old tradition is the Ottoman legacy which is still seen around the region. Indeed the best remedy for a tiring day is a nice relaxing bath.

Antalya perfect place to escape the rains and gloom. Book All Inclusive Holidays to Antalya with Book It Now and escape towards the infinite coastline. For more Deals call us at: +44 203 883 2847.

Malta Holidays – A Perfect Combination of Ancient and Modern Worlds

Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Everything makes up a great combination, be it culture, history, landscapes or any other thing. More importantly, this magnificent island has been a great base for all the empires, who wanted to move further and conquest other regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Many ancient and modern civilizations left their impact on the island. The impact is visible in the dramatic historical city of Valetta. Malta Holidays is extremely popular for sea adventures. Its golden beaches, sheltered bays, imposing cliffs, offer a wide range of activities and experiences for pleasure seekers. Interestingly, you will observe the great contrast of ancient and worlds in this Mediterranean archipelago. If you are planning a trip, All Inclusive Holidays to Malta would be a perfect choice for a stress-free holiday. This post aims to bring some of the best destinations to explore in Malta.

Best Places to Visit on Malta Holidays


If you admire great architecture and culture, the capital Valetta offers you plenty on a holiday. The city is the dream of Knights, who ruled the island in medieval times in the late 15th century. The entire town is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site. The knights of St. John made the city more appealing and dramatic. The vast public squares and dramatic landscape makes Valetta a wonderful place to explore. St John’s cathedral is the landmark sight with lavish interiors and decor. The Grand Harbor and Marasamxett are two wonderful spots to see how life moves in the island. The Palace of Grand Master shares the tales about their exploits and many more. This is the most exceptional place to discover on Malta Holidays.


Sliema is the best place to explore on a holiday. A magnificent resort destination, just five kilometers away from the Valletta is spectacularly unique to discover on Holidays to Malta. The popular party scene is more energetic in Sliema and offers boat trips around the harbor. The resort town is impressive with varied landscapes and spectacular natural scenery as well.

Gozo Island

The Maltese Island of Gozo is scenic with ancient ruins, pristine beaches, dramatic landscapes and many attractions. Most of this island is largely untouched by the modern-day development. Here, you can find the most traditional outlook, the Maltese archipelago offers on a holiday. Explore the temples of Ghantija dating back to ancient times, fortified medieval city, traditional villages and more. Rolling hills, fantastic beaches, Ramla Bay and verdant valleys in store for the nature lovers. The climate is pleasant throughout the year; you can plan All Inclusive Holidays to Malta anytime in a year, without any second thought.


Experience the medieval era of the island in the Silent city of Mdina, This impressive city built on imposing hill offers the best views of the entire island. Wander through winding streets to experience the magical side of the city. Do not skip the wonderful attractions that comprise the Natural History Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Palazzo Falzon, the Magisterial Palace, the Carmelite Church and Priory.


Located towards, Southern side of Birgu the Grand Harbor is one of the prominent landmark sights worth exploring on Malta Holidays. Historically, it has been a significant point since the era of Greeks until modern times. Almost all the monumental structures reveal their respective eras on the island. The Palace of Inquisitor, Maritime Museum, Notre Dame Gate and The Parish Church are wonderful places to explore on a vacation.

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An Adorable Port City to visit on Last Minute Holidays to Larnaca

A port city, Larnaca is located on the south coast of Cyprus. This Cypriot coast is not only a beautiful town but also displays the scene of a modern life. Larnaca is indeed serene lull of a Mediterranean island. It offers excellent activities, monuments, and places of your interest. Surely, Last Minute Holidays to Larnaca makes your time worthwhile.  Go easy to this place with the deal of Book It Now.

Let’s discover this easygoing place along with distinctive laid-back vibe and several attractions.

Experience thrill seeker Ocean Racer on Larnaca Holidays

Indeed, the design of thrill seeker Ocean Racer is a unique and creates thrills for holiday goers. It serves an opportunity to experience traverse and tear through the ocean waves. In fact, it has thrill seeker waves with the thousand horse power, and you will enjoy the view of rocket-over the sea, and its speed. It can take your breath away from you. Meantime, the boat carries 10 passengers. You have a chance to arrange your group and enjoy fully on Larnaca Holidays.

Go on appealing Ayios Lazaros on Cheap Holidays to Larnaca

This is an enchanting Archaeological site in Larnaca. It attributes to its captivating and interesting history. The Church of Saint Lazaros is an orthodox church of 9th century and a symbol of beautiful architecture and culture of the island. Moreover, its preserved interiors, the intricate, gold iconostasi, the exquisite hand-carved wooden furniture, and other gorgeous religious icons attract the visitors. Cheap Holidays to Larnaca offers the historical procession of Saint through St Lazarus’ day, eight days before Easter.

Visit the Mackenzie Beach in Larnaca

As the island of the Mediterranean Sea, it has breathtaking stretches of coast and exquisite beaches. No doubt, if it is called as a jewel of the Larnaca Coast. It boasts golden and spotless sand as well as clear sea water. Absolutely, it makes a perfect spot for the family and children. You will get food & drinks throughout the day along with cheap beds and umbrellas for sun protection.

See the Hala Sultan Tekke Holidays to Larnaca

The serene beauty of Hala Sultan is captivating. The beautiful surroundings create scenery. It is situated on the western side of Larnaca’s Salt Lake. Just, you need 3 km to go away from the west of central Larnaca. It is a significant pilgrimage for Muslims. This lake comprises a nature reserve, spring, large flocks of flamingos and ducks. In summer, water evaporates completely and leaves the crusty layer of salt.

It can be your wonderful vacation on Last Minute Holidays to Larnaca with your family and children. You can find out more deals from Book It now. Contact us on: +44 203 883 2847.

City Breaks | Escape the Mundane

Book It Now offers a variety of escapes to various exotic places in Europe. Check out for City Breaks this summer. You have a wonderful chance to escape monotony and discover some of the most alluring places in the world. Make it extraordinary and mysterious and travel the world like a bohemian. Break free from the ordinary and check out the exclusive deals with Book It Now. Indeed, this is your opportunity hence make full use of our deals and discounts.

Escape the gloom. In fact, the summers have peaked, therefore, book your flight and fly. Many of the destinations are three hours away from the UK. Hence, Grab your phone and call us, our experts will help you with tailor-made deals. There are also exclusive discounts for our valuable customers. Hence, languishing this summer is not an option, when you are one call away to contact Book It Now .

City Breaks Europe | Experience Freedom and Endless Adventure

Grab this opportunity and experience the freedom on City Breaks Europe, it would certainly have a lasting impression. Embark to the best places this summer. Moreover, savor the aesthetic side of the cities. Be a culture detective and explore the diversity, indeed, the history which blends with mythology would be a wonderful experience.  

Experience the free vibes on Amsterdam City Breaks. If you are seeking freedom then Amsterdam is the place. The city epitomizes permissiveness. Indeed, recreational drugs are legal in Amsterdam. Visit the parks to unwind and the museums to stimulate the artistic side. Go on an enchanting Canal tour or hire a bike to wander around the city.

Berlin City Breaks is the best way to go on a short trip and immerse in history and culture. You will have innumerable experience in this part of the world. The city’s tumultuous previous century is worth exploring. Moreover, there are many sightseeing belonging to the world war and the subsequent cold war era.

Best City Breaks | Discover the Iberian World

Embark towards the Iberian coast. You can experience the Best City Breaks in this part of the world. Head towards the majestic Algarve and watch the azure coast and mesmerizing rocky landscape. Sail around the mystical caves of Benagil. Embark on whale and Dolphin watching tour. Algarve is merely 2.5 hours from the UK and you can find many locals comfortable with English along with Portuguese. Besides, there is an eternal sunshine to soak up. The coast is blessed with 300 days of sunshine.

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